Smoked Mackerel, Pea and Spinach Omelette


Here’s what you need

Large handful frozen peas

A handful of spinach or more if you like

Herb de provence, a little pinch

Smoked mackerel, torn in to smallish pieces (no skin)

3 eggs, lightly beaten with a little milk and pepper


Start by heating up the pan with a little oil, add the peas, until they are cooked. Followed by the spinach, mackerel pieces and stir for a couple of minutes till everything is mixed. Move the ingredients around the pan. Pour the eggs in and around the plan so the ingredients are covered with a thin layer of egg. Cook for about 5 minutes till the egg is set in the middle. Cook till your liking. When cooked, serve and enjoy with a side of grilled tomatoes.



Author: Dumebi Agbakoba

Food is life and my passion, I live for great adventures centered around good food.