February 9th is National Bagel and Lox Day! / #BagelandLoxDay

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Here are today’s food finds about bagels and lox:

 The word Bagel is often thought to have derived from the ‘buckle‘ shape it has, but actually it is from a Yiddish word ‘beygl‘ meaning ring or hole.


Bagels are one of the few breads that are boiled then baked. creating the soft inside while retaining a crisp exterior.


Over a billion dollars a year are spent on bagels in the US alone.


What is lox? Lox is thinly sliced smoked salmon.


Bagel & Lox are typically bagels with cream cheese, onions,  and smoked salmon.


Today’s Food History

on this day in…

  • 1870 The creation of the U.S. Weather Service (National Weather Service) was authorized by Congress
  • 1889 The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was established as a Cabinet level agency.
  • 1899 Minnesota’s all time record low temperature: 59 degrees F below zero at Leech Lake Dam.
  • 1894 Hershey’s Chocolate Company was…

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